Proodou 2, Egaleo, Athens

Τel: +30 210 3416691-2
( From the national road heading to Pireaus,
1st road on the right after ΙΚΕΑ )


Our unbeatable prices, vast variety, stock policy and charismatic people, launch our competitiveness in an internationally high level. We are absolutely familiarized with export procedures, so we can make it quite easy for our customers no matter in which country they are located. We can propose you transportation agencies (forwarders), list of reference prices and at the same time we are willing to answer any question on export procedure issues. We can export in every country whether it belongs in European Union or not. For time being we export in countries such as Cyprus, Bulgaria, Poland and Sweden that they belong in EU as well as in countries like Albania, Ukraine and Croatia that are not EU members. If you are interesting importing our products, do not hesitate to contact us in , let us know about your queries, the information you need or any order you want to place. You can also press here to see export related answers in "frequently asked questions".


If your business is located in Cyprus, please contact our agent in Cyprus Mr Christou Sotiris Τ:99567890, 22252890, e-mail:

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