Our History


The Wholesale company TSAGOGEORGAS S.A was founded in 1989 by brothers Antonis and Fotis Tsagkogeorgas.

The two founders, were in the past shareholders and founders of one of the largest and first listed companies on the Greek stock market, in the wholesale trade, so they began their own course with the unique experience and knowledge they had acquired.

  • The first store of 600m² was located in the area of Piraeus and traded seasonal wholesale items and wholesale novelties. It is worth noting that it was one of the first commercial enterprises with a complete computerized management system.

  • The intensive work, the integrated service and the professionalism resulted in 1995 the company was transferred to a store of 2000m², in the area of Kifissos, in order to meet its ever-increasing needs.

  • The company did not take long to stand out again for its low prices and its growing variety, something that in 2001 led to a new space of 3600m² in Tavros area, where it remained recording rapid growth and conquering a large part of the Greek market until 2009.

  • Today the company is housed in a fully organized and systematized level space of 9000m2 , in a key point of Athens.

The variety of products has now approached 10.000 codes, which fall into the following categories:

Wholesale seasonal items (Summer toys, Stationery, Christmas items, Carnival items, Easter items), Toys, Gifts, Houseware items, Stationery, Accessory & Cosmetics, Confectionery-Nuts.  

The employed human resources have risen to more than 45 trained employees, divided into groups with specific tasks.

The great import force (> 400 container / year), the many years of experience and the systematic approach of the purchasing sector enabled the company to offer extremely low prices, always with appropriate quality standards.

The combination of the above elements with the unique organization, solvency and multidimensional customer service, today led the company to the No.1 wholesale supplier choice for traders and stores of related items in Greece.