Cash&Carry - Wholesale Warehouse


The company is housed and operates in a fully automated and organized space of 9000m2 at a key point in Athens (100m from IKEA Kifissos).

The store is not just a showroom, it is a Wholesale Warehouse - Cash&Carry store, where you can see and get the products you are interested in on the spot.

The wholesale warehouse - Cash and Carry is a huge flat open space of 9000m2, organized in numbered corridors and named shelves so that the customer can easily and quickly find the products he wants. 

The space of the store is square and organized into categories, thus giving you the opportunity to browse easily and quickly in the huge variety of items.

All items are arranged in sections and indicate on detailed labels information such as price and technical characteristics.

The visitor can have prepared his order through our free tool "Smart Sorting". He places his order through eshop, and the tool sorts his basket by aisle and shelf position, thus making his visit quick and efficient.

Alternatively he can use the special product scanner terminals that are installed in the store or on his mobile phone by downloading the application "xondrikh_tsago_app".

This way he has the ability to find what he is looking for quickly and simply or to scan products inside the store and immediately see their price, discount, location, technical characteristics and anything else related to the specific item
  • parking 150+ cars


Helpful and trained people of the company are everywhere, ready to meet your requirements.

In the same place, in the Wholesale Warehouse, your telephone orders and eshop orders are also collected and packaged, always with exceptional accuracy and speed.

Finally, the store has a special place for unloading the containers in order to be able to be immediately refueled with significant quantities of goods, without thus burdening the functionality of the other sections.

A practical result of this extensive organization of our space is the immediate and pleasant service of our visitors.