The perfect Xmas tree? Every Xmas tree is perfect!


The Brand name Xmasfest is an officially registered trademark of Tsagogeorgas SA, one of the largest wholesale companies in Christmas-Seasonal items in Greece.

It has been operating consistently and successfully in the field of wholesale Christmas decoration products since 1989, with a huge variety in order to cover every need, so you can enjoy the magic of Christmas to the fullest.

Xmasfest Christmas products meet all the required quality standards and are strictly in line with European standards. Products such as Christmas lights or Christmas trees are very important to be tested and approved according to strict EU standards, so that our Christmas moments are always safe for the whole family.

The Xmasfest brand has developed a huge variety of classic and modern - innovative Christmas items, in order to meet your every need. Products designed with absolute consistency in terms of their quality specifications and at prices that make them affordable for everyone