Inside & Outside the EU


Order limit

  • Within the ΕU


  • Outside the ΕU


Price Terms:

Product prices are X Works. Any costs that arise afterwards, such as shipping, customs clearance, customs duties, etc., concern exclusively the customer.

How to order:

  1. eshop wholesale
  2. mail to

Payment term:

Bank transfer of the total confirmed amount (cash in advance).

After we confirm the final payment amount, you can make the transfer, with the note of your company's VAT number + company's Name (to avoid delays).

You can see our bank account details here.

Shipping method:

The distribution is made by a transport agency - in selection, in responsibility and in charge of the customer.

The agency pick up from our warehouse, by appointment (X Works).

Important: Orders are carefully packed in as large cartons as possible in order to reduce shipping costs. This of course happens, to the point where the safety of your products is not endangered and in the context where the weight of each box is manageable by average people. 

Execution time:

  • 1-2 working days * after the day when the money appears in our account **, the order is ready.
  • The next working day the agency can pick up the order from our warehouse by appointment

*Caution! During periods of heavy workload the execution time increases without warning.

** Remittances from Cyprus take 3-4 working days until they appear in our account.


Due to some extra internal and external export procedures:

  • The -5% discount on cash invoices does not apply to overseas customers.
  • Box discounts do not apply to overseas customers.