Execution time


1-2 working days* after the payment day (payment until 13:00),the order is ready!

* In periods of heavy workload the execution time increases without warning. If the payment is made after 13.00, the execution days are counted from the next day.

  • Athens - Distribution from our Trucks

    Orders received on the previous business day of the route until 13.00, are distributed on the next business day* with the specific route.

    In most areas of Athens we deliver 2 times / week and in some 1 time / week.

    See the indicative weekly schedule of our trucks.

    E.g. you confirm an order on Wednesday 12.30pm (working day, before 13.00), and there is a route on Thursday to your area, thus you will receive the goods next day (Thursday).   

  • Out of Athens

    1-2 working days* after the day of payment (payment until 13:00), the order is delivered to your agency (within Athens)

    E.g. you pay your order on Wednesday at 12.30pm (working day, before 13.00), most likely the next day we have delivered it to your agency


  • Collection from the store

    You can pick up your order in 1-2 working days* after the confirmation day (confirmation until 13.00).