Quality - Specifications


Tsagogeorgas S.A is not just a wholesale supplier with Chinese products.

It is an organized and reliable wholesale company with a tradition of 30+ years, well-trained staff and fully organized departments of Purchasing, Quality Control and Regulatory affairs.

The company trades products from all over the world such as: China, India, Greece, Italy, Germany, Spain, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Turkey, Belgium, etc.

The basic parameter for the distribution of a product is not the country of origin, but its quality standards and its compatibility with European legislation.   

All products:

  • They strictly comply with the current European legislation
  • They are low price items, while at the same time are manufactured with correct quality specifications, in order to obtain a fair value for money.
  • They are made of safe materials.
  • They are marked with all the details of their legal representative (Tsagogeorgas SA), as well as the required Warnings-Instructions in the Greek language.


Specific categories such as Toys or Electrical Appliances:

  • They have CE certification
  • They are tested in certified quality laboratories
  • They maintain technical specification file and EC Declaration of Conformity


The vast majority of products are our own import and are labeled with our complete details and the required safety signs in Greek language.

This is done in order to comply with the applicable regulations of the European Union.

"No Name" and unlabeled products are capable of creating legal problems to our customers, something we would never allow to happen as a responsible and consistent partner of yours.