Why it interests me


  • For extremely low wholesale prices, always accompanied by the right quality standards.
  • Because the company constantly monitors its direct competition as well as the competition of its customers. All prices are studied one by one, so I am never exposed to my customers.
  • Because the products I buy, at the price I buy, give me the opportunity to greatly increase my own profit margin and at the same time to be extremely competitive.
  • Because I know that the prices are clearly written on the price lists and the "eshop Wholesale" and I never feel insecure and distrustful of my purchases.
  • Because it has a variety of 10,000 wholesale item numbers that cover me perfectly in every season.
  • One of the largest wholesale warehouses in Greece, with an inventory policy that allows me to find all products ready for delivery, at the right time. I know that I can be served from the beginning until the last days of each season.
  • Because I know I can find everything I need, either seasonal or flow type, collected, at the same supplier and at great prices. This saves time and money.
  • Because the variety is constantly updated and I feel confident that my products will always be up to date and in line with new market trends. The company is constantly following the new fashion and has to offer me new, innovative and emerging products.
  • Because the company has vast experience, knowledge and systematization in the field of procurement. The products always meet the appropriate quality standards and ensure their compatibility with the respective Greek and European quality requirements.
  • Because the packaging of the products is always smart and careful so that I can display them easily and without wasting space in my store and they look more attractive in the eyes of my customers.


  • For the freedom I have in the quantity and cost of my purchases. There is no purchase commitment in cartons and no minimum purchase cost per code or order for in-store purchases . Only for free delivery within Athens (store or agency) the extremely low limit of 40 € (before VAT) applies.


  • Because I receive for free, 5 seasonal pricelist catalogs per year with photos, codes, wholesale prices, descriptions and technical characteristics of all products. This way I can study the products in detail and place my orders even remotely.
  • Because I receive in time, well before the respective season, the detailed pricelist catalogue of the company. So, I have all the time to compare items and prices and then decide on my purchases.
  • For the organization of the company that allows me to quickly receive my order.
  • Because the distribution of my order is done free of charge by the company's privately owned trucks at my place (within Athens) or at the agency of my choice (within Athens).
  • Because I can visit one of the most organized and systematic warehouses of wholesale 9000m2, in a central point of Athens, with helpful staff and all the products arranged in sections, so that I can choose immediately, pleasantly and accurately what I need. Parking does not worry me at all, since the company provides 150+ free parking spaces for its customers.
  • Because the store is not just a showroom. It is a Cash&Carry store where I can accurately select the products of my interest (color, design, etc.) and procure them on the spot.


  • Because even if I do not have time to visit the store or if I live far from Athens, I can order from distance accurately, through the "wholesale eshop" or with the help of the detailed pricelist catalogue by phone, mail, fax.
  • Because "eshop Wholesale" is fully up to date with all existing products, availability, wholesale prices, specifications, weight, barcode, brand and many other information that is updated in real time.
  • Because I take advantage of the free eshop tools XML, Excel, uploading thousands of products, with live availability, photos, etc., effortlessly, without risk, without storage, with the push of a button!
  • Because I benefit from the free tools, such as the "Smart Sorting" where it sorts my order by corridor-shelf position, or I use the special terminal scanners to find products in the store, thus making my visit fast and efficient.
  • Because I use the application "xondrikh_tsago_app" on my mobile, finding products in the store very easy or scan any product I want and immediately see all its features (price, discount, dimensions, weight, etc.)


In simple words I would say that Wholesale Tsagogeorgas SA provides me:

The right products, in an easy way, at the right time, with the right quality standards and at the right price.