Transportation Agents

Transportation Agents


If you are a customer Outside from the city of Athens, the distribution of your order is done by the transport agency which you will indicate to us, at your own expense and responsibility.

In case you do not know an agency, you can click here to see a large list of agencies that we have collected to help you.

Please note that this list was made for your convenience, and our company has no involvement or responsibility for your cooperation with any agency.

In any case you should come in contact with the agency you have chosen, to inform  you for the charges and the delivery time of the goods. 

It is useful to know that shipping agents usually charge per box.

That is why when packing your order we try to use it in the largest possible boxes, always depending on the safety of the products and in the contexts where the weight of each box is manageable by average people. The boxes we usually use have a size of 77x56x50cm