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If you have an eshop or you are planning to create one, and you are interested in our products, here you will find exactly what you are looking for!

Tsagogeorgas SA is the first wholesale company in Greece with seasonal items, which started to provide xml and excel interface tools to its customers for free!

The xml file and the excel file are dynamic files, where ALL their data updated in real time based on what is valid at any time in our wholesale warehouse.

For example, if the photo of a product changes, it will change in your eshop as well, if the dimension of a product changes, it will change in your eshop as well, and so on.

In this way we communicate with our customers as a joint company, making it easier for you to save time, effort, cost, problems, mistakes, etc.

The xml, excel files provide you with ALL the following product information in REAL time (live)

Item no Availability Available Sizes (eg. S, M, L, XL)
Description Date of New Arrival Weight
Detailed description - Technical characteristics Photo Volume
Wholesale Price Photo of one of the colors of the product Barcode
VAT Additional Photos Unit of Measurement
Suggested Retail Price Available Colors Packaging
Manufacturer - Brand Photos of all colors separately Carton
MPN (manufacturer code) New product Category
Country of Origin Product on Discount Category path
Link of product    



  1. There is constant monitoring, updating and improvements on our part, so that all these elements are always compatible and harmonized with the Leading Comparison e-commerce platforms in Greece.
  2. You can select the products that you want to upload using the xml filters. Choose the categories you are interested in, products Available right now, products with a specific color selection, products sold x1 piece etc. and receive the xml exactly as you want it.

In total the files we provide (free) are:

xml products excel products 

You can upload thousands of products, with live availability, photos, etc., effortlessly, without risk, without storage, with the push of a button! 

xml categories , excel categories

If you do not want to create your own categories, you can get ours, so that our products automatically attach on a specific category. So you set up a huge online store with thousands of items in a matter of seconds!

We actively support our customers and provide free tools for their development!

TO USE THE ABOVE FREE TOOLS YOU MUST FIRST REGISTER  at  tsago.gr/eshop (you just enter your details - process 30 '').

IMPORTANT: Before you use any of our XML, excel files, read carefully the Terms of Use !