Procurement-Imports are a key part of the company

The primary responsibility of the department is to constantly monitor the Greek market, prices, trends and new fashions locally and globally with the ultimate goal of successful Wholesale trading of each product.

Equipped with extensive market research, experience and scientific knowledge, we travel to every corner of the globe to search for the best products, evaluate them closely, achieve the most competitive deals and organize their timely purchases so that they are available at the right time.

Particular emphasis is given to the highly competitive price of products with always the right quality specifications.

The appropriate starting price enables our customers to sell with large profit margins and at the same time to be among the most competitive in the market.

This is achieved by the Wholesale company, systematizing the import process, importing a large volume of goods (> 400container / year) and traveling incessantly to any part of the world of commercial interest.
Indicatively, in our company you can find products from: China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Greece etc.

Here you will find wholesale of Chinese products but also a very large variety of European products and products of Greek production.

It is worth emphasizing that the company primarily supports Greek suppliers and is supplied with products of Greek production where they are available and competitive.

Therefore it is understood why we so warmly claim that here you will find the right products, at the right time, with the right quality specifications and at the right price.