Department Division


TSAGOGEORGAS SA separates its structural parts as follows:

  • in those directly related to customer support,
  • and in the operational departments, which are the peripheral parts that support the business and give it the necessary supplies to grow.

Detailed "Customer Support" departments are:

  1. Call Center:

    Qualified staff, ready to record your orders, your comments, as well as answer any of your questions.

  2. Warehouse Organization / Sorting orders:

    People with knowledge, creativity and responsibility undertake to organize the store space in the most practical way possible, to carefully collect your orders and to serve you.

  3. Cash Desks:

    Fast and consistent service from people who know well the nature of the work and the products.

  4. Packaging:

    Experienced staff packs your order with absolute care and safety.

  5. Distribution: 

    Professional drivers of the privately owned fleet of trucks of the company, immediately and diligently transfer the order to your place (for orders within Athens) or to the respective transport agency within Athens (for orders outside Athens).

The main concern and priority of all the people who make up the above departments and come in daily contact with the customers is their perfect and essential service.

  • Sales: Specialized sellers visit your site to inform you, listen to you, answer your questions and record your comments.

Our company does not aim at the frequent-intense personal relationship between seller-customer in order to receive orders but prefers to use this large cost for the benefit of the customer. The company aims at a clear working relationship based on good prices, huge variety, large stocks and the right quality standards. This way the customer does not indirectly pay the sellers expenses and never feels distrustful of his purchases in relation to what was offered to other customers.

The "Functional Departments" of the company are:

  1. Accounting department:

    Trained staff, responds with absolute consistency to the company's obligations to third parties (public, suppliers, customers, staff, etc.)

  2. IT:

    Scientific collaborators undertake the continuous and smooth operation of all electronic information and management systems of the company.

  3. Supplies

    Sophisticated staff undertakes to supply the company with the appropriate products, of correct quality standards, at highly competitive prices, from every corner of the earth.

  4. Quality control: 

    Scientifically trained partners test the products in order to comply with the required quality standards.

  5. Regulatory Affairs: 

    Scientific associates undertake the harmonization of the company's products and procedures with the current Greek and European legislation.